Looking after your trailer

Maintenance and proper care of Australian Rowing Trailers

Servicing, maintenance and consumer responsibility

Australian Rowing Trailers Warranty requires that trailers be serviced regularly. It is recommended that the first service occurs at three months. After this time servicing of the trailer should be completed every twelve months and six monthly for brakes and bearings.

Australian Rowing Trailers recommend the following practices to optimise the life and use of your trailer:

Storage and Galvanizing protection

The condition of the galvanized finish is governed by the environment in which the trailer is maintained and stored. Deterioration of the galvanizing is accelerated in areas of high humidity, poor ventilation, high salinity or poor water levels. For warranty protection it is advised that the trailer is stored in an environment that does not experience the above mentioned situations.


The way in which a trailer is loaded and towed will affect its immediate performance, and performance over time. For correct and safe towing please refer to the below link from the Department of Transport and Main Roads Qld:


For information on transporting rowing boats on a trailer, please refer to the following link from Roads and Maritime NSW:


Please note: Information may vary from state to state.


Australian Rowing Trailers offer a range of braking systems that adhere to the requirements recommended in the National Code of Practice- Building Small Trailers. ( Australian Rowing Trailers require as part of the warranty that brakes are serviced every six months ).